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Consumer Dispute Terms of Use

DBATA Compliance

As required by the 2014 Data Broker Accountability and Transparency Act, AIRS maintains strict compliance standards with respect to all data gathered in the regular course of business.


AIRS does not collect, store, transmit, or otherwise furnish any “non-public information” about any individual.  All of our information comes from “public record information” sources.


AIRS will never ask you for personally identifiable information and no organization, firm, person, or other entity representing themselves as an Agent of AIRS shall ask for such information.  If you are contacted and such information is requested, please notify us in writing immediately.


AIRS uses all commercially reasonable efforts to ensure the accuracy of the information we collect, assemble, or maintain.  The information AIRS collects, assembles, or maintains, may be distributed to other companies, organizations, individuals, or other parties, and

AIRS is not responsible for the handling of data after distribution is complete.  AIRS makes a reasonable attempt to notify recipients of our data of any change in the data of which AIRS becomes aware after the original transmittal has occurred.


AIRS shall review information in our control pursuant to (1) an individual’s request; (2) after verifying the identity of the individual; (3) at least 1 time per year; and (4) at no cost to the individual.  Individuals requesting review of a record must contact AIRS in writing.  Completion of review may take up to 30 days.  With regard to public record information, AIRS will inform the requesting party of the source of the information and, if reasonably available, where to direct the individual’s request for correction; or if the individual provides proof that the public record has been corrected or that the data broker was reporting the information incorrectly, AIRS will correct the inaccuracy in its records; and with regard to non-public information note that the information is disputed, including the individual’s written request; if the information can be independently verified, use reasonable procedures to independently verify such information; and if AIRS was reporting the information incorrectly, correct the inaccuracy in its records.


AIRS does not use the public record information it collects, assembles, or maintains for any marketing purpose, other than in an anonymous aggregate fashion.


AIRS has established measures to facilitate the auditing or re-tracing of any internal or external access to, or transmission of, any data collected, assembled, or maintained.


Notwithstanding the foregoing terms and conditions, AIRS claims exemption from the DBATA regulations as it regularly engages in the collection of public record information on behalf of other entities which are fulfilling the requests of their own customers and such requests are with the permission of the affected party about which a record may exist.


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AIRS now offers a National Eviction Search through one of our trusted partners. Your best source for Eviction Information.



Best Practices for Landlord/Plaintiffs in Civil and Housing Court Eviction Matters


Landlords and property managers often find it necessary to file a complaint against a tenant in civil or housing court in order to evict the tenant for cause. This action may stem from late or unpaid rent, violation of lease terms, criminal activity in the property, or a landlord-initiated request to vacate ignored by the tenant.




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