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American Information Research Services, Inc. has been providing accurate and timely public records information to credit reporting agencies, tenant screening services, research institutes, colleges, universities, and online information services since 1990. Our mission is to provide the most accurate and timely public records information in the industry.


To accomplish this mission we have invested heavily in developing new technology to collect, verify, and distribute the data we research. What this means to the client is the absolute highest quality eviction and public records data available.


Whether you are a small regional firm or a national corporation, our data can enhance the quality of information you provide your clients and give them the confidence that they are receiving the most accurate information available.

Public Record Retriever Network

We are an associate member of The Public Record Retrieval Network (PRRN), the largest trade organization representing professionals in the public record industry. With more than 500 members in 50 states that retrieve documents from local government agencies in over 2,000 counties nationwide, PRRN Members are recognized as the nation's leaders in local public record searching and document retrieval.


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We are committed to strict compliance to the PRRN Code of Professional Conduct.


The Public Record Retriever Network (PRRN) Code consists of ten guidelines according to which each member of the Network conducts its business.

Competency Guidelines
The Competency Guidelines refer to each of the types of records a PRRN member is proficient in retrieving, as specified in The National Directory of Public Record Vendors.


  1. We know where each type of local public record is maintained.
  2. We access these agencies regularly.
  3. We understand the contents of the documents we retrieve.
  4. We search records ourselves in those agencies that do not conduct searches for the public.
  5. We maintain good relationships with agency personnel.

Client Service Guidelines
The Client Service Guidelines refer to the way in which each member of PRRN is expected to serve its clients.


  1. We return calls promptly.
  2. We complete projects as promised.
  3. We explain our charges in advance.
  4. We will expedite results, on request.
  5. We will explain how agencies maintain their records, on request.

You're interested?

Get in touch with us Toll Free at 800.661.9388. We are your one-stop for all public records access and document retrieval needs.


News & Info


AIRS now offers a National Eviction Search through one of our trusted partners. Your best source for Eviction Information.



Best Practices for Landlord/Plaintiffs in Civil and Housing Court Eviction Matters


Landlords and property managers often find it necessary to file a complaint against a tenant in civil or housing court in order to evict the tenant for cause. This action may stem from late or unpaid rent, violation of lease terms, criminal activity in the property, or a landlord-initiated request to vacate ignored by the tenant.




REDFIN publishes article based on study using AIRS eviction dataset. Read the article here.



Looking for one-off and name search service?  You can now access all of our data directly via our new XML/API products. Another great option for Eviction Information.

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